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Wick-It Sax Strap™

MSRP: $20.85–$24.25

  • Padded neck strap fits many instruments including alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet, English horn, and oboe
  • Antimicrobial memory foam pad conforms to your neck while offering a comfortable fit
  • Streamlined non-stretch pad design offers a more discreet look (1.5"/3,8cm wide)
  • Available in three hook styles: open, swivel and plastic-covered metal

The Wick-It Sax Strap uses a non-stretch, high-tech memory foam pad which conforms to the contours of your neck and shoulders to create a comfortable fit. The material is antimicrobial and allows moisture to dissipate.

Product Description

Neotech offers a revolutionary design in saxophone straps. The Wick-It Sax Strap™ uses a non-stretch, high-tech memory foam pad which conforms to the contours of your neck and shoulders to create a comfortable fit. The material is antimicrobial and allows moisture to dissipate. This combination of features creates a comfortable and secure non-stretch strap that makes playing for long hours under hot lights much more enjoyable. It is available in several lengths and with your choice of three different hook types: open, swivel and plastic-covered metal. The tailored design appeals to users of all playing ability and the comfort is truly unique. It’s sure to be a favorite!


  • High-tech memory foam pad
  • Non-stretch design
  • Available in three sizes: Regular, Junior and X-Long
  • Available in choice of three hook types: Swivel Hook, Open Hook and Plastic-covered Metal Hook
  • Made in the USA
HookAppropriate ForBreak Strength*
Swivel hook Popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security.  Strong enough to even carry a Baritone Sax. Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).
Open hook Ideal for musicians doubling. This non-marring glass-filled plastic hook is a very durable open hook design. Hook breaks at about 75 pounds (34 kg).
Plastic-covered metal hook Ideal for instruments with small eyelets, i.e. clarinet, English horn, oboe, bassoon, etc. Also great for quick instrument changes at gigs. Hook starts to bend open at about 75 pounds (34 kg).

* All break strengths are static loads measured in tension. Side loading on any of the hooks can reduce the break strength substantially.

Stock Numbers

Stock # Wick-It Sax Strap™ Style Hook Style Color MSRPApproximate Size
8401002 Regular Open Black $20.85 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
8401032 X-Long Open Black $21.95 19"–26" (49,3cm–66cm)
8401152 Junior Swivel Black $23.00 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
8401162 Regular Swivel Black $23.00 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
8401172 X-Long Swivel Black $24.25 20.5"–27" (52,1cm–68,6cm)
8401182 Junior Plastic covered metal Black $21.95 15"–18" (38,1cm–45,7cm)
8401192 Regular Plastic covered metal Black $21.95 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
8401232 X-Long Plastic covered metal Black $23.00 19"–26" (48,3cm–66cm)


The Wick-It Sax Strap™ with the plastic covered metal hook incorporates a unique locking slide that secures the strap in the proper position.

How to Adjust the Locking Slide

  1. 1. Adjust strap to the desired length.

  2. 2. Cross over and wrap outer cords around lock.

  3. 3. Adjustment remains at the desired length.

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