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Universal Strap™ (+Discontinued)

MSRP $24.95

  • Revolutionary concept in neck straps; a universal neoprene strap pad combined with interchangeable hooks of varying lengths to fit several instruments and playing styles
  • Many additional hooks and lengths are available separately in the Neo-Hook™ System
  • Fully adjustable
  • Very strong and durable

The Universal Strap brings an entirely new concept to instrument neck straps. It offers interchangeable hook assemblies that allow you to switch from regular length to extra-long lengths.

Product Description

Neotech's Universal Strap™ introduces an entirely new concept in how your strap should transform with your changing needs as a musician. The strap comes with our popular swivel hook in the regular length; however, as the strap incorporates quick release buckles in the design, these connectors can be removed and replaced with a wide variety of other options available in our Neo-Hook™ System. These interchangeable Neo-Hook™ Systems are sold separately and allow the musician to quickly transform the strap.

With 13 different Neo-Hook™ Systems to choose from, we've got the one that is just right for you. You can switch to different lengths (regular and X-long), connection styles (swivel hook, plastic-covered metal hook, and our exclusive Loop Connector), cord version, sling style and even bag swivel hooks that will let you use your strap to carry your instrument case at the end of a gig. This strap is ideal for musicians who need flexibility in their strap as they play a variety of instruments (may need different lengths or hook styles), double on instruments (may prefer an open hook style), perform in different venues (Symphony-may want the cord version with the plastic-covered metal hook, Rock or jazz band-may want the over-the-shoulder sling version, Marching band or practice-happy with the swivel hook option). This strap system enables the musician to have it all without the expense or added bulk of a separate strap for each occasion. It even keeps working long after the gig is over when you carry your instrument home with the Neo-Hook™ System Bag Connectors.

The Universal Strap™ is not only designed for versatility but for comfort as well. The neoprene pad with bound edges is made with Neotech's exclusive laminate construction which offers added support and complete comfort. The quick disconnects open up a wide range of possibilities of how the strap can be customized to fit your changing needs. There's really no other strap like it!


  • Pad Dimensions: 2.5" x 16" (6,35cm x 40,64cm)
  • Neoprene strap pad
  • Fits a wide range of instruments
  • Very strong and durable
  • Comes standard with regular swivel hook connector
  • Many additional hooks and lengths are available separately in the Neo-Hook™ System
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPApproximate Size
8701002 Universal Strap™ Black $24.95 19" - 23" (48,3cm - 58,4cm)

*Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hook.


The Universal Strap™ offers true comfort in any situation and the quick disconnects allow you to quickly and easily transform the strap to fit your needs. Many additional hooks and lengths are available separately in the Neo-Hook™ System.

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