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Trombone Guard

MSRP $9.50

  • Protects bow end of slide from accidental bumps and scrapes
  • Easy to apply and snaps securely in place
  • Made of soft, durable neoprene
  • Fits most trombones (Bb to Bass)
  • Slim profile fits in most instrument cases

The Trombone Guard wraps around the bow end of a trombone’s slide to protect it from accidental bumps and dents. It fits a wide variety of trombones and secures in place with two snap closures. It also features an opening to accommodate slides with a ferrule (slide bumper).

Product Description

The Trombone Guard protects the delicate bow end of a trombone slide. It keeps it safe from accidental bumps and scrapes and reduces costly instrument repairs due to a damaged slide.

Made from soft, durable neoprene, the Trombone Guard is easy to apply. It only takes a few seconds to slip it over the instrument’s spit valve lever, then slip it over the end of the trombone slide. If the slide has a ferrule (slide bumper) there's an opening to accommodate it. The two snap closures keep the Trombone Guard snugly in place for added peace of mind. It features a slim profile which allows it to remain in place on the instrument when the slide is put into most instrument cases. It easily covers the bow end of most Bb to Bass trombone slides measuring 3 5/8” to 4 3/8” (9,2 to 11,1 cm) wide. The Trombone Guard is proudly made in the USA!


  • Materials: Neoprene bonded with polyester fabric
  • Easy to Attach
  • Fits most trombones from Bb to Bass
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock # Style Color MSRPApproximate Size
5001432 Trombone Guard Black $9.50 Fits most trombone slides


Download Trombone Guard™ Instructions

How to Attach the Trombone Guard

  1. 1. Turn back a short "cuff" to make it easier to apply the Trombone Guard.

  2. 2. Locate the spit valve opening in the Trombone Guard and place it over the spit valve's lever.

  3. 3. Bring the main portion of the Trombone Guard over the end of the slide. If your slide has a ferrule (slide bumper), guide it through the opening provided.

  4. 4. To complete installation of the Trombone Guard, secure the two snaps.

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