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Trombone Grip™

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MSRP $36.25

  • Creates a comfortable custom grip to support the weight of the instrument
  • Easy to attach
  • Adjustable to 18 positions
  • Fits most trombones
  • For musicians with multiple trombones, extra bushings are sold separately in our Trombone Bushing/Shim Kit

The innovative Trombone Grip™ supports the weight of a trombone while maintaining the proper playing position. It’s designed to be adjusted to fit both the instrument and the musician’s hand, providing unparalleled comfort, balance and support while playing.

Product Description

In order to achieve a custom fit for any style/size of trombone, Neotech’s Trombone Grip™ comes with three sizes of wraps (bushings) along with several shims to create the perfect platform for the hand grip to snap on. Once the correct bushing type is selected and firmly attached, the hand grip is easily affixed. It can be adjusted forward and back as well as at a slight angle to create the perfect playing position. This means that the Trombone Grip™ can be placed in a position for optimal support and balance of the instrument. The grip incorporates a soft, durable neoprene strap which closes securely and comfortably across the back of the hand. It allows for a full range of movement and a comfortable, yet secure hold on the instrument. While the custom-fit bushing remains on the instrument, the grip portion is easily removed for storing and transporting the instrument.

Musicians of all ages and those with smaller hands can now hold a trombone without undue stress on the hand and fingers. As the Trombone Grip™ balances the weight and gives you added control, there is no longer the tendency to put too much lip pressure against the mouthpiece. This keeps musicians free from potential long-term injury and enables them to concentrate on their technique and music rather than on the strain of holding the instrument.


  • Materials: hard plastic, neoprene strap
  • Easy to attach
  • Adjustable to 18 positions
  • Fits most trombones
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock # Style Color MSRPApproximate Size
5131001 Trombone Grip™ Black $36.25 Fits most trombones


Download Trombone Grip™ Instructions

Included Items

Start by making sure that your Trombone Grip Kit contains the following items:

  1. Hand Grip with Neoprene Back Strap (1)

  2. Grip Clamp (1)

  3. Clamp Screw with Lock Washer (1)

  4. Bushing Screws (4)

  5. Bushing Shims (7) (3 thicknesses)

  6. Bushing for Straight Tube (1) (inside view)

  7. Bushing for Straight Gusseted Tube (1) (inside view)

  8. Bushing for Curved Tube (1) (inside view)

Step One

Determine which style of bushing is appropriate for your trombone slide.

  1. Straight

  2. Straight Gusseted

  3. Curved

Before closing the hinge on the bushing, soak it in hot water for about a minute. This will help the hinge to flex more readily

Test fit the bushing around the slide to see how snugly it fits. You may notice that your instrument fits differently at the front and back ends of the bushing.

  1. Notice that the slide on the left requires a very thin shim while the slide on the right requires a thicker shim. Be sure to check both ends of the bushing, as different shims may be required at the opposite end.

Step Two

Starting with the thinnest shims first, test fit the bushing until you can close it around the slide snugly. It does not need to be particularly tight, just snug enough to avoid slipping. Check the front end and the back end of the bushing to assure a good fit, selecting shims as necessary.

Step Three

  1. 1. To apply the shim(s) to the bushing, lay the bushing on a table with the inside facing up. Peel the release liner from the adhesive on the shim.

  2. 2. Align the center of the shim to the center of the bushing. Also make sure that the edge of the shim is aligned with the edge of the bushing. Press the center of the shim to the bushing to tack it in place.

  3. 3. Next, carefully close the bushing. Working from the tacked center of the shim, work around the circumference of the bushing, pressing the shim in place to adhere it to the bushing.

  4. Shown: Bushing with both shims in place. It's now ready to be applied to the instrument.

Step Four

Place the bushing (with shims applied) around the support tube on the trombone slide. Use two (2) bushing screws to secure it in place. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws.

Step Five

The Neotech Trombone Grip comes with the hand grip already attached to the grip clamp. We recommend using this as a starting position to get a sense of what adjustments, if any, may need to be made to achieve a comfortable playing position.

  1. 1. To fasten the hand grip to the bushing, position the tab on the bushing into the slot on the hand grip, then rotate the hand grip as shown until the grip clamp "clicks" into place. Note: It may be necessary to adjust the hand grip position at this point if the hand grip interferes with any of your trombone braces. Place the left hand into the hand grip. Adjust the tension on the neoprene back strap for the most comfortable and secure fit.

  2. 2. To remove the hand grip from the instrument for transport or storage, place your thumb along the grip clamp and press away from the instrument.

  3. 3. Rotate the hand grip as shown to disengage it from the instrument. The slide can now be placed in your instrument case as usual. The hand grip can be placed in an accessory compartment, or wrapped in a Neotech TriPac (sold separately) to be stored in the instrument's bell.

Adjusting the Hand Grip

The Neotech Trombone Grip can be configured in one of 18 different positions for maximum playing comfort.

  1. There are six positions forward to backward.

  2. There are three angle positions (angled back, level, angled forward).

To adjust the position, unscrew the hand grip from the grip clamp. Be careful not to lose the screw and lock washer. Choose a new position based on the location of the screw hole in the hand grip.

  1. The angle is determined by engaging the pin of the grip clamp in a corresponding hole in the hand grip.

  2. Once the grip clamp is in position against the hand grip, replace the lock washer and screw.

Extra Parts

Extra Trombone Grip Bushing/Shim Kits are available separately. Great for musicians with multiple instruments, the kits contain a pair of bushings, several shims and screws. With a bushing on each instrument, it is a simple matter to quickly and easily move the Trombone Grip from one instrument to another. Available in three versions: straight, straight gusseted and curved.  

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