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Zoe Wood I love my Neotech strap. It is the only strap I ever use, and have been using the same strap, the Mega Strap, for ten years, with daily rehearsals and performances in a subtropical climate that usually destroys or damages most equipment and accessories within a short period of time. My Mega Strap is still in good condition. It is the most comfortable strap I have ever tried, and it is the only strap that allows me to play guitar and sing in the correct position while accommodating a chronic shoulder injury. Thank you so much for the excellent product.

Zoe Wood

Ryan Saranich For years I've used Neotech straps and harnesses. From the early part of my career up through now, they've been there for some of my most important work, and have completely saved my back and neck during the process. There is no strap that can do what these do, and I know that I can count on such a well-made product to last for a very long time!

Ryan Saranich

I have owned a Neotech strap for my bass guitars for at least 10 years. I love it! I just ordered my second strap, not because there is anything wrong with my existing strap, but because I finally have enough different bass guitars that I require at least one more strap. I put strap locks on everything and just move the strap from guitar to guitar. Your straps are amazingly comfortable and very well made. I know it’s not by accident. I appreciate the hard work that goes into making them. 

John Morreale 

Pedro Esparza I've used Neotech for years and there are no straps that come close to providing personal comfort, safety for my horns, and trust to know that nothing will happen during a performance. Then I can truly focus on making music.

Pedro Esparza

I live in a small flat (apartment) with poor sound insulation, so I mostly practise with a practice mute, which upsets the balance of the instrument. In turn, adjusting my grip to compensate for this makes operating the thumb-valve awkward. The Trombone Grip was very easy to fit and adjust, and has instantly fixed these problems. Also, as your product description states, I find I am using a lot less pressure on my lips. What a simple but wonderful product, I am so glad I came across it!

Gordon Kibble, Glasgow, Scotland

I can't remember using anything but Neotech since they first came to market. For me they were always the most comfortable to use and allowed me to practice/perform longer with less neck and shoulder fatigue. I had upper back surgery when I was 30 and I depended on your harnesses to get me through until I was strong enough to use a strap again.

Tom Evans

I have been playing sax for most of my life. As you can imagine the weight of the sax can put a strain on your neck and back. I have personally been endorsing Neotech straps since 1998. I recommend using these straps so as not to develop any pain in the future. Also, the Case Slings are very nice to have when you are running around the airport. Do you need something to offset the weight of your case? Use the Neotech Case Sling! Problem solved!!

Tommy Alvarado

After 40 years of playing hard-charging rhythm and blues, I have some normal wear and tear neck problems. The Neotech neck strap is flexible, alleviates the pain, and still allows freedom of movements. It’s the only neck strap I use. Neotech is a Godsend to me!

Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka, |

I've been using my Neotech Soft Sax ® Strap for the past 9 years because it's really comfortable. I like it so much, I bought a second one to use on gigs and the other for practicing. I also use the Case Sling ™ which makes carrying around my alto case a lot easier. Anyone looking for total comfort should really check out these sweet straps!

Alex Han