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Soft Sax® Strap

100% of 100

MSRP: $23.00–$26.75

  • Fits most saxophones, clarinets, English horns, bassoons and oboes
  • Easy to attach with a choice of four connectors:
    • Swivel Hook
    • Open Hook
    • Plastic-Coated Metal Hook
    • Loop Connector
  • Very strong and durable

The revolutionary Soft Sax Strap actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The innovative design incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing.

Available Colors

  • blackblack
  • royalroyal
  • forestforest
  • winewine
  • navynavy
  • redred

Product Description

The revolutionary Soft Sax® Strap actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The innovative design incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing. This combination allows the weight of your instrument to be evenly distributed over a larger area on your neck and shoulders while absorbing the shock of your movements. This is how the Soft Sax® Strap makes your instrument feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. You’ll definitely feel the difference!


  • Neoprene pad with a comfort-stretch backing
  • Available in three sizes: Regular, Junior and X-Long
  • Available in choice of four connectors: Swivel Hook, Open Hook, Plastic-Coated Metal Hook, or Loop Connector
  • Made in the USA
HookAppropriate ForBreak Strength*
Swivel Hook Popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security.  Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).
Open Hook Ideal for musicians doubling. This non-marring glass-filled plastic hook is a very durable open hook design. Hook breaks at about 75 pounds (34 kg).
Plastic-Covered Metal Hook Ideal for instruments with small eyelets, i.e. clarinet, English horn, oboe, bassoon, etc. Also great for quick instrument changes at gigs. Hook starts to bend open at about 75 pounds (34 kg).
Loop Connector Truly unique design offers non-marring locking system for small eyelets and/or heavy instruments. Great for students or musicians in marching bands as it offers the ultimate in security and flexibility. Ideal for the Baritone Sax. Quick disconnect fails at about 145 pounds (66 kg).

* All break strengths are static loads measured in tension. Sideloading on any of the hooks can reduce the break strength substantially.

Stock Numbers

Stock #Soft Sax® StyleHook StyleColorMSRPApproximate Size
1901002 Regular Open Black $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1902002 Regular Open Red $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1903002 Regular Open Navy $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1904002 Regular Open Royal $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1906002 Regular Open Wine $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1919002 Regular Open Forest $23.00 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1901032 X-Long Open Black $24.25 19"–26" (48,3cm–66cm)
1901152 Junior Swivel Black $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1901162 Regular Swivel Black $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1902152 Junior Swivel Red $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1902162 Regular Swivel Red $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1903152 Junior Swivel Navy $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1903162 Regular Swivel Navy $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1904152 Junior Swivel Royal $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1904162 Regular Swivel Royal $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1906152 Junior Swivel Wine $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1906162 Regular Swivel Wine $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1919152 Junior Swivel Forest $25.50 16"–19" (40,6cm–48,3cm)
1919162 Regular Swivel Forest $25.50 17"–21" (43,2cm–53,3cm)
1901172 X-Long Swivel Black $26.75 20.5"–27" (52,1cm–68,6cm)
1901192 Regular Metal Black $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1902192 Regular Metal Red $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1903192 Regular Metal Navy $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1904192 Regular Metal Royal $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1906192 Regular Metal Wine $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1919192 Regular Metal Forest $24.25 16"–20" (40,6cm–50,8cm)
1901232 X-Long Metal Black $25.50 19"–26" (48,3cm–66cm)
1901282 Regular Loop Black $25.50 16.5"–19.25" (41,9cm–48,9cm)
1901272 X-Long Loop Black $26.75 18.5"–21.25" (47cm–54cm)

Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the hook.


The Soft Sax® Strap is also available with a loop connector that offers an alternative to a traditional hook attachment.

How to Attach a Loop Strap

  1. 1. Thread loop through connection point on instrument.

  2. 2. Thread the quick disconnect through the loop.

  3. 3. Pull on the quick disconnect to tighten knot.

  4. 4. Attach to strap.

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Questions & Answers

My son is a 6th grade sax player. Is the Junior the appropriate size strap for him or a regular?

The best way to determine sizes is to measure the distance from the back of the neck to where you want the strap to connect to the instrument. Then compare your measurement to the measurements under the "Specifications" tab.

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