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Posh-Rite™ Seat Cushion

MSRP: $32.95

  • Durable cushion promotes better posture and breath support
  • Self-inflates and easily deflates 
  • Instantly makes any chair more comfortable
  • Comes with sleeve-style carrying case for easy portability
  • Ideal for students or professionals

Maintaining proper posture is a key factor for musicians in obtaining better breath support and an effective playing position. The Posh-Rite™ seat cushion from Neotech is the easy and portable way to encourage good posture during practice or while performing.

Product Description

The Posh-Rite™ seat cushion is ideal for musicians of all playing abilities. Musicians traveling to different performance venues offering uncomfortable chairs can instantly transform the chair with Posh-Rite™ for increased comfort. It’s also a great way for student musicians to get an early start on developing good posture habits. Make slouching and bad posture a thing of the past—get the Posh-Rite™!

The Posh-Rite™ is self-inflating. Simply twist open the valve to start the process! For a slightly firmer cushion, you can blow into the valve before twisting it closed. The tapered design aligns the upper body into the proper playing position to help increase breath support and provide better instrument placement. This makes practicing or performing for extended periods more comfortable. You'll definitely feel the difference!

When finished playing, Posh-Rite™ easily deflates by simply twisting open the valve. Once rolled up, close the value and slip it into the included handy carrying case (4" diameter x 18" long — 10,2cm x 45,7cm) for convenient storage or transport. What could be easier? Treat yourself to the Posh-Rite™ seat cushion as part of your essential gear!


  • Measures 16" x 16"
  • When inflated, pad tapers from 3" to 1"
  • Incorporates self-inflating valve for easy setup
  • Deflated cushion rolls up to store in carrying case

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPSize
2801112 Posh-Rite™ Seat Cushion Black $32.95 16" x 16"


How to use the Posh-Rite™ seat cushion

Simply twist open the valve to start the self-inflating process. For a slightly firmer cushion, blow into the valve before twisting it closed. When finished playing, the Posh-Rite™ easily deflates by simply twisting open the valve and rolling up the cushion.

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