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Neo Sling™

MSRP $26.75-$27.75

  • Fits most saxophones and other instruments using our unique swivel hook
  • Comfort-curve neoprene pad rests on the left shoulder while the strap adjusts across the back and connects in front using a quick disconnect
  • Fully adjustable

The Neo Sling™ offers a great alternative to the conventional sax neck strap. The weight of the saxophone is evenly distributed over the shoulder and across the back, which eliminates neck fatigue.

Product Description

The Neo Sling™ is ideal for beginner to professional musicians.  

  • Children: The weight reduction system makes the Neo Sling™ ideal for a small child. The student is free to concentrate on technique rather than fighting the weight of the instrument. 
  • Marching bands: The Neo Sling™ reduces the stress, fatigue, and bounce related to marching. Playing while marching instantly becomes more enjoyable.
  • Professionals: Playing longer gigs is physically less demanding with use of the Neo Sling™. When doubling on instruments, the weight difference between horns feels greatly reduced.

The weight of the saxophone is evenly distributed over the shoulder and across the back, which eliminates neck fatigue. It's an ideal strap for individuals with neck problems. This neoprene shoulder sling gives the performer more freedom of movement while continuing to offer Neotech's patented weight reduction system. The saxophone feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. Give it a try!

Approximate Sizes

  • Regular: 34" - 44" in circumference
  • X-Long: 47" - 59" in circumference


  • Pad Dimensions: 2.5" x 15" (6,35cm x 38,1cm)
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock # Neo Sling™ Style Hook Style Color MSRP Approximate Size
2101162 Regular Swivel Black $26.75 34"–44" (86,4cm–111,8cm) in circumference
2101172 X-Long Swivel Black $27.75 47"–59" (119,4cm–149,9cm) in circumference


The Neo Sling™ easily attaches to your saxophone with a swivel hook.
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Questions & Answers


What is best way to determine whether I need Regular or X-Long? I am 5'11" tall and slim build. I have three Neotech straps already, two soft sax straps and one soft harness. While the harness is very good for the tenor, I would like to try the sling in order to gain a bit more freedom of movement with the horn. I am thinking a Regular size would fit me but just want to be sure.


The best way to determine size is to use a tape measure. Using the image on this page as a guide, measure around yourself to where you want the strap to connect to your instrument. Then choose based on this measurement. Regular: 34" - 44" in circumference; X-Long: 47" - 59" in circumference.


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$26.75 - $27.75
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