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Holster Harness™ Series

Holster Harness™-Tuba - 18" MSRP: $89.95
Holster Harness™-Small Tuba - 14" MSRP: $85.95
Holster Harness™-Euphonium - 12" MSRP: $81.95
Holster Harness™-Baritone/Euphonium - 10" MSRP: $77.95

  • Unique holster system supports the bow of the tuba while standing, marching or seated. The holster section is comprised of rugged ballistic nylon laminated with protective padding and a soft, nonmarring fabric interior.
  • Neoprene shoulder harness completes the design by keeping the weight of the instrument off the neck and evenly distributed across the shoulders
  • Available in four sizes to fit a wide variety of instruments
  • Upper support strap can be used on right or left side
  • Patented internal control-stretch system for added comfort and stability
  • Designed with comfort in mind for both men and women
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit

Product Description

The HOLSTER HARNESS™ SERIES offers an innovative support system for playing tubas, baritones or euphoniums in a standing, marching or seated position. The bow of the instrument fits easily into the holster which is made of ballistic nylon laminated with protective padding and a soft fabric interior to help preserve the tuba's finish. The soft neoprene shoulder harness keeps the weight off the neck and distributes it evenly across both shoulders for a more comfortable playing experience. For added stability, an upper strap fastens to the instrument to keep the tuba from falling forward. The upper strap disconnects from the main harness and is looped through the instrument's strap ring or to the tubing if no ring is present. It can be reattached to either the right or left side of the harness to better suit the musician’s playing style. It attaches with a very strong and durable quick release buckle (up to 145lbs) so that getting in and out of the harness is fast and convenient.

The HOLSTER HARNESS™ SERIES is easily customizable to fit most any instrument and body type. The length adjustments at the back of the harness will set the main length and angle of the harness, while additional adjusters in the front allow for fine-tuning the fit. Once these adjustments are made, it only takes a few seconds to get into or out of the HOLSTER HARNESS™.

For players with multiple sizes of instruments, you can purchase just the appropriate sized holster portion from our HOLSTER SERIES allowing you to use one harness across several instruments.

If you find that extra length is required for your body type and instrument, pairs of HOLSTER HARNESS EXTENDERS are available separately to add 4" (10,2cm) of length to each side of the harness.


  • Available in four sizes to fit a wide variety of instruments
  • Materials: neoprene shoulder pad, ballistic nylon holster lined with fabric
  • Patented internal control-stretch system for added comfort and stability
  • Upper strap to help stabilize instrument
  • Nonmarring connectors
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock # Holster Harness™ Color MSRPApproximate Length Adjustment
5401212 Tuba - 18" (45,7cm) width Black $89.95 22"–29" (55,9cm–73,7cm)*
5401222 Small Tuba - 14" (35,6cm) width Black $85.95 20"–27" (50,8cm–68,6cm)*
5401232 Euphonium - 12" (30,5cm) width Black $81.95 18.5"–25.5" (47cm–64,8cm)*
5401242 Baritone/Euphonium - 10" (25,4cm) width Black $77.95 17"–24" (43,2cm–61cm)*

*Measurement is approximately from top of shoulder to bottom of holster.


Holster Harness™ Instructions

1. Disconnect the upper strap from the harness by squeezing the quick disconnect. Attach the upper strap to the instrument's top strap connection area. If it does not have one, you can wrap the loop around a convenient section of tubing at the top of the instrument.

  1. 2. Pass the upper strap's nylon loop through the strap connection area on the instrument (a) or around the instrument's tubing. Pass the strap's plastic connector through the loop (b), and pull it tight to complete the knot (c). Do not reattach the strap to the harness at this time.

  2. 3. Drape the neoprene pad across your shoulders with your arms going through both nylon webbing loops (d).

  3. 4. Attach the ballistic nylon holster to the harness using the quick disconnects on either side (e). The open face of the holster goes toward the front.

  1. 5. There are 4 locations on the harness to adjust its length and angle: two on the front (f) and two on the back (g). The initial adjustments can be made on the back and fine-tune adjustments can be made on the front. A good starting point is to have the bottom of the holster approximately 24" (61cm) below the point where you will want the mouthpiece to be while playing. We find these first-time adjustments can be easier to make while seated with the help of a friend.

  2. 6.Place the bow of the instrument into the holster (h) making sure it is situated firmly inside it.

  3. 7. Attach the upper strap to the harness and adjust its length to where it will keep the instrument from leaning too far forward (i). It can be fastened on the left or right side of the harness depending on your preference. This strap does not support the instrument while playing. It is there to act as a safeguard if your hands should slip from the instrument. Make any necessary fine-tune adjustments to situate the instrument in your preferred playing position.

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