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Flap-It Pouch™

MSRP $10.50–$15.95

  • Soft, durable neoprene construction for storing saxophone necks and mouthpieces
  • Breathable material allows moisture to dissipate 
  • Bound edges for extra protection and convenient touch closure
  • Pouch is safe for instrument's finish and can be stored in the bell of the instrument
  • Available in 2 sizes in both a neck and mouthpiece version

The Flap-It Pouch™ offers easy storage for saxophone necks and mouthpieces. The mouthpiece version protects your mouthpiece and reed even without using the guard. Now you can simply stuff it in the pouch and have confidence that it won’t get chipped or damaged. No more using a sock that offers minimal protection and leaves fibers behind that can clog the valves. With the Flap-It Pouch™, you keep everything clean and protected while looking like a pro!

Product Description

The Flap-It Pouch™ from Neotech offers a new way to store saxophone necks and mouthpieces. For gig bags with limited storage space, the Flap-It Pouch™ is the perfect solution for storing necks, mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds and more– right in the bell of the instrument. No more worrying about items shifting around inside the case. Since there is no hardware that can scratch or mar the inside of the bell when storing the neck and mouthpiece inside, these cushioned pouches offer ideal protection.

The Flap-It Pouch™ features a soft, durable neoprene construction to cushion delicate pieces, particularly when stored together. It has a tapered shape for maximum efficiency when storing necks and mouthpieces of various sizes. The flap cover utilizes a handy touch fastener closure to keep items safely inside while allowing instant access when needed. 

The edges of the Flap-It Pouch™ are stitched with military-grade thread and an elasticized binding for durability and extra protection. After the gig is over, these pouches can be safely stored inside the bell of the instrument without fear of scratching or marring the finish. Each style is available in two sizes to fit a wide variety of instrument accessories.


  • Soft, durable neoprene construction
  • Bound edges for extra protection
  • Convenient touch closure
  • Safe for instrument's finish
  • Can be stored in the bell of the instrument
  • Breathable material allows moisture to dissipate
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleSizeColorMSRPApproximate Size
2901212 Mouthpiece Medium Black $10.50 3" x 4" (7,6cm x 10,2cm)
2901222 Mouthpiece Large Black $11.50 3.5" x 5.5" (8,9cm x 14cm)
2901312 Neck Medium Black $14.95 5.25" x 8" (13,3cm x 20,3cm)
2901322 Neck Large Black $15.95 5.25" x 9" (13,3cm x 22,9cm)


The Flap-It Pouch™ secures your sax neck or mouthpiece with touch closure.
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