We’d like to express our sincerest wishes for your safety and health during these difficult times. As small business owners, we also understand the challenges that many are facing. We encourage you to help support your local communities and individuals in need as we wade through these uncharted waters together.

The American spirit is strong….there are brighter days ahead! Our factory is remaining open and we are taking special steps to safeguard the health of our employees and customers. We are working to convert a part of our sewing capabilities to produce face masks which will be donated to our local hospital.

Thanks as always for your unwavering support. Stay healthy and safe. God Bless!

Terry and Leslie Jackson

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

We are located in Belgrade, Montana. Our mailing address is 304 Andrea Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714. Please note that we do not have a show room at this address; however, if you are in the area feel free to give us a call.

We can be contacted by phone: 406-388-1377 and toll free (from within the USA) 1-800-251-7815; by fax: 406-388-2063 or by email: for customer service and sales please email cs@optechusa.com or tmk@optechusa.com. For technical issues regarding this website please email web@optechusa.com

OP/TECH USA is a family-owned and operated company. We are extremely proud to be able to manufacture over 90% of our products in our Belgrade facility. We have wonderful employees who care about making quality products and their pride is visible in our products.

Yes, we do! We attend the NAMM trade show.

Neotech is a division of OP/TECH USA. OP/TECH USA produces the finest neoprene straps, pouches and accessories for the photography industry. You can visit OP/TECH USA's website at www.optechusa.com.


Most of our straps use one of two major materials to obtain the ultimate in comfort. Many of our straps use a comfort-stretch system that uses different types of material such as neoprene and Polyurethane in conjunction with fabrics and elastics to control the stretch based on the desired weight range. Other straps use a memory foam to help prevent pressure points and evenly distribute the weight. The memory foam straps have no stretch yet still provide ideal comfort. Beyond the pads, all of our straps incorporate hardware made from nylon, acetel, or metal. The transitions from the pad to the ends of the strap are made from leather or elastomeric custom molded hardware. The webbing of varied widths and thicknesses is made of nylon or polypropylene depending on the design.

For the comfort-stretch style straps there are two parts to the system. As you move, additional forces are created and the load jerks into your body with every step. The strap works as a shock absorber to remove these forces. In addition, as the strap stretches it conforms to the contours of your body and distributes the load over a much larger area. The memory foam style straps do not stretch but the foam is continuously compressing and rebounding to absorb small amounts of the shock. It also evenly distributes the weight over the complete area of the pad. These features make the felt weight of your gear feel 50% lighter.

We are committed to offering our customers the very best materials available in a wide assortment of unique designs. As a USA manufacturer, we are extremely concerned about providing a consistent, quality line of products that our customers can trust. We stand behind each product. We still believe in the old motto that if you make a good product, it should last and you will earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. That is exactly what we strive to do. By combining good customer service, quality products, solid warranty and innovation that’s driven by function, not just fashion, we hope to earn your trust. OP/TECH USA has spent the past several decades creating products that benefit customers by providing the ultimate in function and comfort. Join the OP/TECH USA and Neotech family by adding one of our accessories to your essential gear. You will feel the difference!

All of our neoprene products can be washed in warm water with mild soap. Rinse the product thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Then let the item completely air dry before use.


OP/TECH USA has been using and warranting this buckle system for over 20 years with great success. Several features work together to make sure that the connectors do not release by mistake. The cut out area on the sides is only large enough for the fingers to depress the latch. It is also not possible to release the buckle by depressing only one side of the latch. The fingers must press the latch in completely and with equal pressure on both sides before they will release.