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Case Sling™

MSRP $32.95

  • Designed for most instrument cases or bags
  • Tapered neoprene pad with non-skid surface hugs the shoulder while the instrument case is held securely against the back
  • Attaches easily to most instrument cases or bags using metal swivel hooks or 1"-wide webbing
  • Fully adjustable in length 25" - 57"

The Case Sling offers a comfortable alternative to the conventional carrying strap. It enables the instrument case to rest securely against your back so that your hands are free.

Product Description

The Case Sling™ offers a comfortable alternative to the conventional carrying strap. The patented weight reduction system makes carrying a heavy instrument a pleasure—not a burden. The reinforced neoprene pad effectively conforms to the shape of your shoulder and distributes the weight over a larger area. This makes the felt-weight of the case feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. The material also functions as a shock absorber so that the jolts of your movements are no longer felt in the shoulder. The Case Sling™ is designed to carry the instrument case in the upright position against your back. The non-skid surface securely grips to your shoulder which keeps your hands free. This is an ideal strap for the active performer or student on the go.


  • Designed for most instrument cases or bags
  • Unique internal control-stretch system with bound edges
  • Attaches with metal swivel hooks
  • Non-skid surface
  • Fully adjustable approx. 25" - 57" (63,5cm - 144,8cm)
  • Pad Dimensions: 3" x 19.5" (7,62cm x 49,53cm)
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColor MSRPApproximate Size
0801012 Case Sling™ Black $32.95  25"–57" (63,5cm–144,8cm)


If your bag has a retaining clip connection, unclip your old strap and clip on the Case Sling™. If your bag has a loop connection, remove your old strap and reloop your Case Sling™.

The Case Sling™ attaches with metal swivel hooks.

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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the Case Sling and the SOS Strap? Which one would work better for carrying a heavy tenor saxophone case?

If you look at the first photo on the Find A Strap page, you can see the difference in size of the strap pads. The Case Sling pad is much longer than the S.O.S. Strap pads. Also the overall length of the Case Sling is longer: Case Sling: 25" - 57", S.O.S. Curve Strap: 22" - 54", S.O.S. Strap: 20" - 52". Both straps are rated to comfortably carry up to 30 pounds. They also both have the same metal swivel hooks. They would both work for carrying your sax case, it would just depend on your preferences.

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