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Accordion Harness

Accordion Harness™ MSRP $66.99
Mega Accordion Harness™ MSRP $76.95
Deluxe Accordion Harness™ MSRP $72.55
Deluxe Accordion Harness™ Junior MSRP $63.25

  • Fits most accordions
  • Neoprene straps that offer an internal control-stretch system for added comfort and support
  • Attaches using two 3/4" (1.9cm) webbing with a triglide buckle at the top and two Neo-Loops at the bottom

Accordion Straps

Pad-It Accordion Straps™ MSRP $43.95

  • Fits most accordions
  • Comfortable memory foam backed with webbing for added support comprises the shoulder pads
  • Shoulder pads wick away moisture for added comfort during long performances
  • Easy to attach with durable nylon webbing Loop Connectors
  • Quickly and easily adjusts

Neotech Accordion Harnesses are comprised of two neoprene straps offering our patented internal control-stretch system for enhanced comfort and mobility. This unique weight reduction system effectively disperses weight and absorbs shock.

Product Description

Accordion Harness

The above accordion harnesses are comprised of two neoprene straps offering our patented internal control-stretch system for enhanced comfort and mobility. This unique weight reduction system effectively disperses the weight and absorbs the shock of your movements. The straps attach easily to the top of the accordion using 3/4" (1.9cm) webbing and at the bottom with convenient and secure Neo-Loops. Neotech’s accordion harness series transform the accordion into a joy to play, not a burden!

The original Accordion Harness™ is ideal for small to medium sized accordions. The shoulder pads have a non-skid surface and measure approximately 16.5" (41,9cm) long and taper in width from 3 to 2 inches (7,6cm to 5,1cm). A unique back strap is also included in the original Accordion Harness™ which is adjustable from 4"–14" (10,1–35,6 cm). It quickly joins the two straps together with a quick disconnect for ease of use and helps to maintain the proper playing position.

The Mega Accordion Harness™ is a good option for heavier accordions where a longer and wider shoulder pad is desired. The shoulder pads are 2.75" wide by 21" long (7cm wide x 53,3cm long). The non-skid surface on these larger pads effectively grips to the back and shoulders so there’s no need for a back strap.

The Deluxe Accordion Harness™ is another great option for heavier accordions where slightly less stretch is preferred. It is available in two sizes: Regular [pad size 2.25" wide by 20" long (5,7cm wide x 50,8cm long)] and Junior [pad size 2" wide x 9" long (5,1cm wide x 22,9cm long)]. Its innovative design combines a memory foam core, neoprene and heavy elastic for a truly unique feel. This stylish design incorporates a fully adjustable back strap that can be moved up and down the pad as well as adjusted across the back. The back strap is adjustable from 4"–13" (10,1cm–33cm). This special feature gives the Deluxe Accordion Harness™ a tailored look and fit.

Accordion Straps

The Pad-It Accordion Straps™ offer a simple yet elegant strap that is sure to be a hit! The shoulder pads are made with an anti-microbial memory foam that conforms to the shoulders for a comfortable fit that makes even heavy instruments a breeze to wear. The pads also help to wick moisture away for additional comfort. The straps connect to the instrument with our unique loop connection system for added security. The lengths of the Pad-It Accordion Straps™ adjust quickly and easily. Simply grasp the loose end of the strap and pull straight down to shorten the strap. The hardware instantly locks the strap in place. To lengthen the strap, simply place a single finger beneath the locking connector and lift it to a horizontal position and pull out the strap as needed. Releasing the locking connector secures the strap again.


  • Fits most accordions 
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPApproximate SizePad Dimensions
3101002 Accordion Harness Black $66.99 31"–51" (78,7cm–129,5cm)
Back Strap: 4"–14" (10,1–35,6 cm) 
3" x 16.5" (7,62cm x 41,91cm)
3101182 Deluxe Accordion Harness™ Black $72.55 31"–56" (78,7cm–142,2cm)
Back Strap: 4" - 13" (10,1cm - 33cm) 
2.25" x 20" (5,7cm x 50,8cm)
3101152 Deluxe Accordion Harness™ Junior Black $63.25 22"–37" (55,9cm–94cm)
Back Strap: 4" - 13" (10,1cm - 33cm) 
2" x 9" (5,1cm x 22,9cm)
3101172 Mega Accordion Harness™ Black $76.95 35"–61" (88,9cm–154,9cm) 2.75" x 21" (7cm x 53,3cm)
3101032 Pad-It Accordion Straps™ Black $43.95 33"–51" (83,8cm–129,5cm) 2" x 20.25" (5,1cm x 52cm)

Measurements are for the length of each strap from the top connection to the bottom connection.


Accordion Harness (Original, Deluxe and Mega versions)

Fasten top webbing of straps to accordion:

  1. 1. Pass webbing through the instrument's strap hardware on top of accordion. Thread the webbing through the plastic triglide.

  2. 2. Adjust top of strap to desired length. Thread the webbing through the other side of the triglide.

  3. 3. Pull until it is tight.

Fasten bottom loops of straps to accordion:

  1. 1. Unfasten Neo-Loop quick disconnect from main strap and thread through lower connection areas as shown.

  2. 2. Pass connector through loop.

  3. 3. Tighten. Reattach Neo-Loop quick disconnect to main strap. Overall length of strap can be adjusted at the base of the pad.

Pad-It Accordion Straps

View instructions on Pad-It Accordion Straps product page.

Accordion Harness Instructions

Deluxe Accordion Harness™ Instructions

Mega Accordion Harness™ Instructions

Pad-It Accordion Straps™ Instructions

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